How to Make Your Customers Love You

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Winning customers today is kind of like the way today’s lovers approach dating relationships. You can’t win the heart of your customers by sending flowers, you have to truly understand your customers and their needs to develop affinity and have them fall in love with you.

Like today’s singles, your first step is to get your customer to “swipe right” on your profile to find out more about what you have to offer. Next step for singles is to get to know each other with a profile that shows they live in downtown Richmond, Va. with a cat named Mittens and an affinity for yoga at dawn. Of course, as the marketer, you can obtain all of this from her profile. But she is also telling us much more through her activity on and off our website. With all of this data, we can easily make our prospect feel like she is “the one.”

As you accumulate this data, you can build out her persona and improve how she views your brand. With appropriate communications, at the right time, you can woo her into a first “date”. By now she knows what to expect from you, and if you’re doing your job right, this experience carries over to her in-store experience.

During this first date you’ll be talking a bit about yourself and your story, plus, finding out the same about her. At the same time, your offline experience will follow the same guideline.

Whether this customer buys from you or not, you still have all of her interests and preferences so that you can now send a second offer that she can’t resist. Plus, you can now throw in a discount for those yoga pants that she’s been wanting. You can develop a consistent communication plan, with messages geared just for our customer.

After a few interactions, we can continue to delight our customer with the offer of a new tank top that matches the yoga pants just perfectly. As the relationship develops she may tell all of her girlfriends how great you are. Where it goes from here depends on her experiences going forward and how WOW’d she may be on her future visits. Continue by inviting her to an exclusive in-store shopping party for your best customers.

By building on mutual understanding, a brand and its customers can move into more serious, long-term relationships that benefit both parties. The brand earns a loyal customer, or even a champion, and the customer has a brand she loves and can trust and on which she can rely.

Do Your Customers Like You?
To Build a Lasting Brand, Customers Must Love You!

It really is simple. You just have to get people to like you. Let’s face it; people do business with people they like. They don’t want to buy their new car from a shyster salesman. And they aren’t going to continue using a dry cleaner that consistency destroys their clothes. So, obviously, you need to start by doing your job. And doing it well by WOWing your customers. If you do it well enough, you may eventually have people talking about you, in a good way. And that could be the start of building a new killer brand. So that’s it. We’ve been doing that here at BranWorks for 40 years. Get your customer touchpoints right with WOW moments, and before you know it, you can have the brand that you’ve always wanted.

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