Don’t Try To Do It All Yourself

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Are You Trying to Wear All The Hats?

Owning your own business will require you to dig deep for all of the capabilities you can muster. You have to offer the very best for your customers, be flexible and innovative so that nothing gets left behind, and be ready to juggle all the demands that come your way by the day, hour and minute. You put a huge amount of hours and energy into your new baby. And if you want to see it grow into that living, breathing entity that you envision, you may need to delegate one of those hats.

Eliminate Frustration With Good Marketing Management

Most small and mid-sized companies don’t have internal marketing and branding expertise. They’re great at managing their company and being sure the lights are turned off at night. However, they typically don’t know the difference between brand equity and sweat equity.

So, it often makes sense to bring in the experts, like BranWorks,  to be sure the brand is managed properly. After all, there could be as many as 20-25 touchpoints to keep in tow. We can spend regular time on the client’s premises, overseeing the implementation of the new marketing program, as well as developing solutions for other marketing and/or communications needs the company may have. 

As the CEO, you may have a good handle on all of your sales efforts, but you may not have a clue about what color to paint your trucks or how to motivate your receptionist. Just be sure to keep it all consistent and on-brand. (Even your part.) The more that’s managed through a single point of contact, the more integrated your efforts will be. By managing the brand in this way, you will insure the program’s sustainability and be able to adjust along the way.

Outsource Your Marketing Department

You can get affordable outsourced marketing for your business without lengthy contracts. We can become your CMO, or your entire marketing department for a short-term basis; we can fit in with your existing staff to provide extra support; or we can assist you with various short-term projects. We’re flexible, adaptable, creative, organized, efficient and very focused on results. We’re as small or as big as you need us to be.

Benefits Without Overhead:

With outsourced consulting or coaching for your marketing and branding, you can take that step to expand your expertise, capabilities and, yes, profits. This step will give you the added flexibility and expertise without any of the overhead.

Focus on the Fun Part:
Your coach can obsess over your marketing, and getting your brand where it needs to be, so that you don’t have to. We can become your marketing assistant, brand manager or entire marketing department when needed. 

WOW Marketing:
Are you good at marketing and fine-tuning all of your customer touchpoints? Can you produce edgy, attention-getting work that breaks through the clutter? Didn’t think so!

Reduce Risk:
Face it, you probably aren’t a marketing or branding expert. By outsourcing some, or all, of your marketing, you’ll prevent costly mistakes in time and money by trying to do it all yourself. 

Accomplish More:
Get more critical business issues done knowing your marketing is being taken care of.  

Forget About the Big Boys:
Outsourcing gives you much greater economies of scale and the expertise to compete with the Bigger Guys.

Save Money:
Marketing staff costs money. By outsourcing you get more expertise and capabilities at less cost.

Ultimately, you need marketing and branding to bring you more business and profits and we can help you do just that. You’ll finally have the time to focus on what you do best.

Learn more about BranWorks by visiting our About page, or call Gordon at 804-651-5088. 

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