What’s Your Tiebreaker?

Quirky People-1
y: Gordon Conner

To gain market share, you have to be different and you must identify the Dominant Value Point that makes you different. Your brand must be cleaner, smoother, friendlier, etc. And how do you know what that Dominant Value Point is? Your customer will tell you. Send out questionnaires and surveys, ask for input cards, conduct focus groups. But most importantly, talk to her. Get out there and rub elbows. Get to know her as a friend and as part of your family. Listen to her.

After you find out what your Dominant Value Point is, you might realize that it isn’t enough to make you uniquely different from your competitors. You may need to tweak your product or service to make your story even more compelling. For example, there’s an automobile tire dealer on the west coast that offers extraordinary service. But to make his story more appealing, he promises that when someone drives onto his lot, his people will come running to their car. He also offers to fix flat tires free of charge, for anyone.

This is an example of how a commodity business was able to brand itself as something quite unique and different. It took a commitment to change the way they do business. But they made the change and they live the revised brand every day.


Authored by Gordon Conner
Brand Coach/Consultant, Copywriter


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