The BranWorks Moment

 Monster Truck-1

Many companies waste their marketing dollars. They talk about all the same stuff that their competitors talk about. “Look at all the features our product offers. Aren’t we great?” But, wait a minute! Why should we buy from that company? How are they better than anyone else?

“Oh, but we guarantee our product will never break”. Well, why didn’t you say so? OK, let’s run over it with a monster truck and we’ll start by putting it on YouTube.

That’s BranWorks branding. Find the thing that makes you different from everyone else. Then hit your prospects right between the eyes with your story.

That’s how we create the BranWorks Moment. Uncover your Value Proposition. Reveal it with panache.

About the Author
 Gordon at St. John
Gordon Conner is a Branding Consultant/Coach and Copywriter who helps small businesses become exceptional companies. He has been providing advertising, marketing, branding and copywriting services for 39 years and lives in Midlothian, Virginia. He can be reached at, or

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