What Is A Category Of One Company?


By: Gordon Conner

Simply put, it’s a company that does things differently from its competitors. A lot of Category of One companies are national, but many are right under our noses. There’s a local automobile tire dealer in the northwestern part of our country who advertises “when you pull onto our lot, we will come running to your car.”  Not walking fast, but running! This is just one example of their extraordinary customer service. That’s how you become a Category of One company. Instead of trying to be the best in your category, why not create your own category and be the only one in it and eliminate the competition? It starts with a conscious decision – “Are you going to fish or cut bait?” Many companies become a category of One company because of a moment of truth where they realize they must either become a Category of One company or close up and go work somewhere else. Others found greatness because of a crisis. Category of One companies are willing to let go of what used to work. They are constantly looking for the next great thing. Category of One companies are dedicated to winning and keeping customers for life.

You can choose to become a Category of One company, beginning now. But, be very clear about this, it’s a choice. You can choose mediocrity or greatness. So choose!

Of course, not every company is a Category of One company, nor wants to be. It doesn’t mean they just want to be mediocre. Those company owners still want to be the best they can be. And that’s OK. They still have a brand. And they still need to make that brand be all it can be. Success can be achieved by being really good at what they do. When we see that situation, BrandWorks works closely with those clients to make them the best, the very best.


Authored by Gordon Conner
Brand Coach/Consultant, Copywriter


Email: Gordon@BranWorks.com


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