5 Steps to Turn Your Passion into Profit

“Live your passion and you’ll be happy.” We’ve all heard this axiom over the years and wouldn’t we all just love to act on it in our own lives? Our response is usually, “yeah right, that only works for the other guy. I’ll be filling out time sheets for the rest of my life.” But we’d all love to think that it’s possible for us, as well. Everyone wants to make a living doing what he or she loves, but very few are ready to put in the effort that is required to make it happen.

You see, you are in charge of your life. You are responsible for how your life looks today and what your future will look like. “Can it really happen for me? Can I really follow my passion and make a living doing what I love to do?”

Well, guess what. The answer to that question is a resounding “yes”! You can realize that dream. That result doesn’t always happen overnight, but in due time, it can happen to you, too.

So what is it that you’d love to be able to do for a living? Many people know what their passion is, but just don’t know how to turn it into a profit. You may already have your own company, starting a new company or just looking forward to your next promotion. Following these steps will help you reap more financial rewards doing what you really love to do:

  1. Have a desire to make a difference in other people’s lives.Your first step is to determine how you want this passion to impact the world. This is the kind of ambition that spurs promotions, raises and new companies. Companies don’t care about your passion; they’re just looking out for their bottom line. Remember that having passion is not always enough to reach your goals. In addition, many employers will want you to have the necessary education before they will dole out those raises and promotions. Even if you will be working on your own with your own business, having the necessary skills is very important. But, if you have a passion, as well as have a way to impact others, you’re off to an awesome start! What to do-write out your vision for where you want your life to be six months from now. Read this message every day when you brush your teeth.
  1. Be a master of your craft?Do you know your passion better than anyone else? Do you have a driving desire to learn everything there is to know about your field? By mastering your craft you’ll come up with new ways to get things done, develop new trends and chart new courses for others to follow. What to do-read one new education source each week.
  1. Are you driven for passion, or profit?If you are passionate, you’ll give 100%+. People seek folks who can produce results. And with that comes excellence. Without passion, excellence will not follow. Next, you need to be willing to take massive action. You need to be willing to take steps every single day towards achieving your goals. Start executing even if you don’t know exactly how it will all work out. Success comes when people overcome adversities, hardships and setbacks. What to do-at the end of each day, make a “To Do” list. On that list, have at least one massive action step that you will do that day.
  1. Turn your passion into money?Many folks fail to earn more from their passion because they don’t learn the financial knowledge to make it work. Passion is key to attracting more financial rewards. Without financial education, living below your income, pricing your services properly, and investing wisely, the results you are looking for will be hard to achieve. Plus, if you have your own business, you must hire good people and hold the line on expenses. Also continue learning through classes, books and lessons from those who are already successful. If you do what successful people have done to become successful, you will become successful. It is inevitable. What to do-on your daily “To Do” list, include at least one step toward gaining more financial acumen (books, articles, classes, etc.)
  1. It Takes a Commitment.The biggest obstacle in realizing your dream is fear! A lot of people think the biggest obstacles are lack of time, or money or resources. But the reality is that fear is the culprit-fear of rejection, fear of success or fear itself. You can either succumb to your fears and live a life of mediocrity, or you can face your fears and live a life of true freedom. The choice is yours. What to do-on your bathroom mirror, your computer screen at work or your car’s dashboard tape a message of confidence to yourself. “I WILL win!”

So what’s on your horizon? How are you going to make that dream a reality? Be ready to start small and take one single step every day. But when your natural gifts and talent are in place, be ready to go. Turning your passion into profit is something that everyone can do, but not everyone has the determination or willpower to make it happen. If you’re doing what you love, you’re patient, and you’re persistent, you’ll reap the benefits.

About the Author

Gordon at St. John

Gordon Conner is a Branding Consultant/Coach and Copywriter who helps build killer brands for small local businesses. He has been providing advertising, marketing, branding and copywriting services for 39 years and lives in Midlothian, Virginia. He can be reached at Gordon@BranWorks.com, or www.BranWorks.com


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