“Why Should I Buy From You?”

No one cares if your product or service is “good.” Every competitor in your industry has “good products.” But why would anyone want to do business with you? Is your product/service better than your competitor’s? How? If not, how could it be better? Is your competitor better than you? How can you match, or beat him? Customers see your company as a commodity business. That means that you have to be better at everything, plus offer something that your competitors can’t, or won’t. Does it have to be price, or can it be something else? If you can’t answer that question with a clear definitive reason (your tiebreaker), you have some work to do.
You need to analyze the positioning of your competitors (and the experience of their customers) so you can differentiate yourself. Your competition is anybody that does something your customer likes, regardless of the industry. Examples would be; returning phone calls within the hour, instead of 24 hours, knowing the customer’s name, and calling customers to help, rather than to sell them something. Once you have that Value Proposition clearly defined, then you launch an all-out attack to set yourself apart and give your customers and prospects a clear reason to select you above everyone else, and put you into a Category of One. Once you know what rules to break, break ’em. 

Our Goal at BranWorks

We want to help you be the best brand in your categoryor maybe even start your own category. You can do that by building a WOW brand. But, to accomplish that you need to provide the ultimate buying experience for your customer. Be sure that she has no other option but to buy from you, because no one else can, or will measure up. We’ll help!

About the Author

iPhone 857Gordon Conner is a Branding Consultant/Coach and Copywriter who helps build WOW brands for small local businesses. He has been providing advertising, marketing, branding and copywriting services for 39 years and lives in Midlothian, Virginia. He can be reached at Gordon@BranWorks.com, or http://www.BranWorks.com.

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