Do you need a small business marketing consultant? 

Most small businesses don’t know. They just know that they’re struggling with their marketing and they need help. Maybe one of these 7 reasons will resonate with you and encourage you to take action:

1. Your staff doesn’t have a clue– I recently had a client who needed a workable marketing plan and some direction in how to implement an Internet marketing strategy for his business. This client turned to me for help because I had the background in both of these areas for his industry and could transfer that knowledge to the client.

2. You have a crucial project and no one in-house is capable of doing it
-if it’s really important that this project get out the door, bring in outside help and get it done! This is particularly important if this is going to be an ongoing need, or if things will simply go back to normal.

3. You need another set of eyes-It never hurts to get another perspective, especially when it’s an objective one. You could bring in a good marketing consultant, have them knock out a project, and simply disappear, without disrupting your organization. It’s hard to beat a fresh set of outside eyes.

4. You are NOT a small business marketing expert
-You are great at putting all the numbers together, or assembling a great team, or building the cutting edge bicycles. But marketing is not your thing. In fact, you’d rather stick a fork in your eye than write ad copy.

5. You need someone to spearhead your marketing effort
-A good marketing consultant shows up to do one thing, work on your marketing. When you see this person in the hallway, or in a meeting, you know the subject at hand is marketing. Kind of like hiring a personal trainer. When you go to the gym, you know you’ll be working on your fitness and nothing else. Your small business marketing consultant is the same way.

6. Your marketing looks like s…t!I can tell in-house marketing a mile away. The messages are vague, artwork stinks and production looks very amateurish. Oh, this stuff will get attention alright, but for all the wrong reasons. And the brand that you’re creating? I wouldn’t wish it on my son’s lemonade stand.

7. Focus, Focus, Focus-So many small businesses lack focus. They’re great at coming up with ideas, but when they try to put them all together, it all falls apart. And the reason for this is a lack of focus-too many ideas and no idea where to start. If the small business would simply focus on a few ideas and implement those with gusto, they’d be much better off. A small business marketing consultant will point you in the right direction, keep you on that track and not let you fall of.

About the Author

gordon-at-st-john[2]BGordon Conner is a Marketing & Branding Consultant/Coach who helps build WOW brands for small local businesses. He has been providing advertising, marketing and branding and services for 40 years and lives in Midlothian, Virginia. He can be reached at Gordon@BranWorks.com, or www.BranWorks.com.


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