34 Ways To Delight Your Customers

Create Customer Delight By Adding One, or More of These WOW Factors

Satisfied customers are nice, but delighted customers are more likely to return. Delight customers repeatedly, and at every touchpoint, and you will earn yourselves some raving fans! The first key is to nail the basics. It doesn’t matter how many red carpets you roll out if you’re not delivering a good customer experience consistently. You can only dazzle people for so long. Eventually, they’re going to see behind the curtain.

However, once you’ve got a good handle on the basics, to move customers from satisfied to delighted, add a little WOW Factor! These are the unexpected moments that surprise and delight your prospects and customers. Here are 34 ways to add the WOW Factor to your work:

  1. Write handwritten thank you notes
  2. Teach customers something new (webinars, events, white papers, etc.)
  3. WOW just one customer (they’ll tell more)
  4. Spend quality get to know time together
  5. Give a meaningful book as a gift
  6. Your customers will love a simple loyalty program
  7. Reward social media customers will extras
  8. Meet-up and treat far-away customers to coffee when you travel
  9. Put your customers in the spotlight (on Twitter or your website)
  10. Send cookies (or fruit)
  11. Send a charitable gift in your customer’s name
  12. Treat your customer to a surprise upgrade
  13. Throw a party, barbecue, picnic or wine tasting for your customers
  14. Offer free goodies (coffee, badges, flowers)
  15. Send cards on strange holidays (towel day, planking day?)
  16. Help your customers by referring them
  17. Implement customer suggestions and let them know when you do
  18. Offer real people for customer service
  19. Discount a customer’s bill just because you want to
  20. Send a gift card
  21. Recognize specials events (anniversaries, birthdays, babies)
  22. Hold special customer-only events
  23. Send funny or personalized gifts (special occasions with their photo?)
  24. Give SWAG
  25. Special gifts for reaching milestones
  26. Make your first contact with a customer special
  27. Always solve a problem
  28. Make your response time as fast as possible
  29. Add personality to every touchpoint
  30. Offer the same great service to paid as well as free customers
  31. Give refunds freely (even offer to do so)
  32. Do unexpected stuff (refer to competitors when out of stock)
  33. Be like Tigger (always happy and making customers happy)
  34. Thank your team (happy hours, lunch, hand-written thank you’s, trust)

34 outstanding ways to WOW customers. Every attempt at giving thanks must be relevant and personalized, noticeable and sincere. These simple requirements will ensure your show of gratitude hits home with customers.

Show customers your thankfulness today by showing a WOW attitude on one (or more!) of these 34 ideas.

About the Author

gordon-at-st-john[2]BGordon Conner is a Branding Consultant/Coach and Copywriter who helps build WOW brands for small local businesses. He has been providing advertising, marketing, branding and copywriting services for 39 years and lives in Midlothian, Virginia. He can be reached at Gordon@BranWorks.com, or read more at https://branworks.com/customer-experience-2/


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