How To Build a WOW! Brand

How To WOW Your Customer To Love Your Brand

There’s a lot more to your brand than a logo and tagline. The brand of your company is made up of virtually everything that your business does and every experience your customer has with your company. This all determines whether the customer falls in love with you or they walk away, never to be seen again.  When your brand strategy and the experience you deliver to consumers are inextricably linked, you’ll achieve increased demand, greater share of wallet and loyalty levels competitors will envy.

Satisfied customers are nice, but delighted customers are more likely to return.

Delight customers repeatedly, and at every touchpoint, and you will earn yourself some raving fans! The first key is to nail the basics. It doesn’t matter how many red-carpets you roll out if you’re not delivering a good customer experience (Cx), consistently. You can only dazzle customers for so long. Eventually, they’re going to see behind the curtain.

However, once you’ve got a good handle on the basics and moved customers from satisfied to delighted, add WOW Moments. These are the unexpected moments that surprise and delight your prospects and customers. 

Do Your Customers Like You?
Better Still, To Build a Lasting Brand, Customers Must Love You! 

It really is simple. You just have to get people to like you. Let’s face it; people do business with people they like. They don’t want to buy their new car from a shyster salesman. And they aren’t going to continue using a dry cleaner that consistency destroys their clothes. So, obviously, you need to start by doing your job. And doing it well, by WOWing your customers. If you do it well enough, you may eventually have customers talking about you, in a good way. And that could be the start of building your new WOW brand. We’ve been doing that here at BranWorks for 40 years. Get your customer touchpoints right with remarkable experiences and WOW moments, and before you know it, you can have the brand that you’ve always wanted.

A Moment of Surprise & Delight.

We Like to Call Them 

WOW Moments.

WOW moments can be little, everyday things like an unlikely score in the game or a snappy text from a friend. They can also be big moments; moments that make you think twice. In that blip of time, everything changes. In a good way. WOW moments blindside you, and you’re thankful for the surprise. But just getting what you want isn’t a WOW moment; it’s getting EXACTLY what you want when you didn’t know you needed it.

Brands that WOW survive for lifetimes. They go beyond a product or service, they become a lifestyle. Loyalty doesn’t come for free; you have to do something meaningful first. 

Brands that WOW deliver maximum ROI. Whether you’re a national name or local watering hole, BranWorks works hard to deliver customer experiences and branding strategy without demanding an arm and a leg from you.

About the Author

Gordon Conner is a Marketing & Branding Consultant/Coach who helps build WOW brands for small local businesses. He has been providing advertising, marketing and branding services for 40 years and lives in Midlothian, Virginia. He can be reached at, or read more at


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