Outsourced Marketing & Branding Services

 Why Outsource Your Marketing to BranWorks?

Because we’re good at it!

Are you a business that needs some freelance marketing outsourced on a part-time basis to free up your time and improve your sales?

Perhaps you are not quite ready to commit to a long-term marketing or PR agency agreement or employ full-time staff?

BranWorks can provide this stepping stone for you by offering freelance marketing support and becoming your virtual marketing assistant, marketing manager or entire marketing department depending on how much help you need.

Cost Effective Marketing

It can be very cost-effective for you to outsource essential and non-essential marketing activities because you will only pay for what you need at any time, so you are not carrying long-term fixed overhead costs on your books.

Flexible Marketing Support

We can flex up the support team to cope with a large marketing project, such as re-branding your corporate identity, building a website, launching a new product, or organizing a customer event.

We can also scale down our support at very short notice should you find you need less marketing activity such as monthly or quarterly customer newsletters, weekly updates on an online blog, or perhaps update the special offers across your website, customer communications, flyers and ads.

Need Part-Time Marketing Support?

That’s what we do.

Do you own a business that needs short-term marketing support for a big project or event?

Perhaps you don’t want to commit to an agency contract or find temporary marketing staff?

BranWorks is ideally suited to become part of your extended marketing team or provide temporary marketing assistance for one-off campaigns or projects.

Cost Effective Marketing Support

It can be very cost-effective for you to outsource part-time or short-term marketing activities because you will only pay for what you need at any time, so you are not carrying long-term fixed overhead costs on your books. What’s more there are no long-term contracts, which keeps you flexible and us on our toes.

Marketing Projects

We could help you with a new product launch, a new or refurbished business or store opening, develop a brand new website for your business or organize your annual dealer or customer event. The possibilities are endless.

There isn’t much we can’t do in order to provide you with a seamless and flexible service.

Need Someone You Trust to Manage Your Marketing and Free Up Your Time?

You are in the right place

Want to delegate some of the day-to-day responsibilities for your marketing so you have time to run your business?

Perhaps you already use some marketing suppliers but you are now just too busy to coordinate your marketing team to work together to get a few priority projects off the ground? We can be the centralized hub that manages your existing marketing team but will also fill in any skills gaps as required. We’ll coordinate all marketing activity to fit your budget and ensure that we maximize the impact on everything that is done.

Some Ways We Might Help

Perhaps you have a really talented website designer, but you don’t have time to write the text needed on your site. You also have a great graphic designer who has created a really eye-catching logo and corporate identity. We can liaise between your graphic designer and website designer to ensure your branding is carried across to your website and represents what you do well to potential site visitors. We can also write your website copy to ensure that the site and its content is well put together and optimized for search engines. Equally importantly we ensure your website design and text communicates clearly to your customers, conveys your offer well and encourages your visitors to get in touch or even purchase directly from your site.

Another example might be to ensure promotions in your store are communicated on your website as well as on your ads or flyers. We can contact your existing customers and ask for testimonials then work with your designer to add them to your catalogs and other promotional material.

We’ve done some varied jobs all in the name of marketing.

Typical examples of outsourced work are websites, brochure production and other collateral materials. But many other projects can be done on an outsourced basis.

Traditional Marketing

Strategic Planning
Website Design, Copy and Development
Creative Development/Print, Radio, TV, Internet
Email Marketing
Internet Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Management

Broadcast Production
Inbound Marketing
Print Collateral
Package Design
Promotional Products
Direct Mail
Press Kits/Press Releases
Event Management
Outbound Marketing


Creative Development
Project Management
Event Management
Brand Discovery
Competitive Analysis
Brand Plan
Customer Analysis
Internal Branding & Culture Development
Niche Branding
TouchPoint Branding
Brand Audit
Brand Standards Manual
Strategic Planning
Small Business Brand Audit
Outbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Brand Development

Internet Marketing

Web Design
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Management
Inbound Marketing
Press Releases
Landing Pages
Digital Advertising
Website Conversion

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