Solutions For Smaller Businesses

The BranWorks Way for  Many of Your Biggest Challenges 


When you are starting a small business it’s natural to struggle with building a brand and there are key obstacles to overcome. Let’s take a look at some special “The BranWorks Way” packages for solving unique marketing and branding challenges: 

#1-Value Proposition Plan
“How Can We Clarify Our Brand and Define Our Value Proposition
  • If your value proposition doesn’t answer a need in the marketplace, it’s meaningless. Also your proposition has to answer that need at a price that is acceptable to the market. Finally, it must be sufficiently different from the competition to cause the market to stand up and take notice. Make them say “oh, really? So, to get a value proposition that will do all of that, where do you start? We start by taking a hard look at your business. We’ll talk to you, your employees, your customers and we’ll even check out your competitors to see what they’re up to. Then we’ll look at your complete operation, including marketing history and other components of your story. The result will be a clearly designed Value Proposition that will position you against your competition so that you can win.

    #2-TouchPoint Plan
    “How Can We Identify All TouchPoints in Order to Manage Our Customer’s Journey consistently

    Online or off, the way in which your brand WOWs your customer along their journey can make the difference between browsing and brand evangelism. Tying marketing efforts together with a narrative thread requires careful thought about the role each touchpoint dynamically plays in the journey. A marketer must clearly define how they want or expect a customer to react when they interact with a piece of content. We’ll walk through the entire customer journey at your business and be perfectly clear on the priority for each touchpoint and how each impacts the total journey and the brand story.

    #3-Differentiation Plan
    “How Can We Standout From the Competition?”

    The most powerful marketing strategy has little to do with advertising, direct mail, web sites, referrals or blogs. No, before any of those things will really have any impact on your business you’ve got to uncover and communicate a way in which your business is different from every other business that says they do what you do. We’ll offer a lot of suggestions to consider. But once you find your chosen strategy or combination of strategies to differentiate your business, all of your advertising and promotion should be centered around shouting about that difference. Building a brand takes time and patience. The payoff, however, is what differentiates the winners from the losers in this big marketing game.

    #4-Brand Messaging Plan
    “How Can We Get Our Brand Massaging Back on Track

    Obviously, the look of your business is one of its important features. But, isn’t there more than just looks? You bet! A whole lot more. Logos, websites, signage, etc. are the foundation of your brand. But we’ll look at all of your marketing to be sure that everything that you do reflects your value proposition.   Remember, consistency is the name of the game with all of your brand elements.  Implementing a consistent message with all of your efforts will provide a great starting point for a unified brand messaging platform.

    #5-WOW Factor Plan
    “How Can We Improve Our WOW Factor

    Satisfied customers are nice, but delighted customers are more likely to return. Delight customers repeatedly, and at every touch point, and you will earn yourself some raving fans! The first key is to nail the basics. Once you’ve got a good handle on the basics, to move customers from satisfied to delighted, add a little WOW Factor! These are the unexpected moments that surprise and delight your prospects and customers. We’ll look at your entire organization and see what is the best fit for you and WOWing your customers.

    #6-Brand Management Plan
    “How Can We Manage Our Marketing/Branding Efforts With Regular Oversight and Consistency

    Most small and mid-sized companies don’t have internal marketing and branding expertise. So, it often makes sense to bring in the branding experts to be sure the brand is managed properly.  In essence, they can serve as your in-house marketing department. They may come in once a day, once a week, once a month or whenever you need them. Set it up to augment your own expertise. By managing the brand in this way, you will insure the program’s sustainability and be able to adjust along the way.


    #7 One-Off Marketing Projects
    “I have a project due next week. Can you help me?”

    Are you a business that needs some outsourced freelance marketing assistance on a part-time basis to free up your time and improve your sales? Perhaps you are not quite ready to commit to a long term marketing or PR agency agreement or employ full time staff? BranWorks can provide this stepping stone for you by offering freelance marketing support and becoming your virtual marketing assistant, marketing manager or entire marketing department, depending on how much help you need.



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