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Our goal is to help you knock your customer’s socks off and make them fall in love with you forever. We can do that by offering a la carte direction for the following branding and marketing challenges. Or, we can work together in our “WOW Plan” by linking together the full branding package, along with a complete customer experience journey. 

1. Discovery

How to Clarify Your Brand Promise and Build a WOW Brand

Brand building is a strategic undertaking. It takes research and intuition, all with the ultimate goal of growing your company and positioning it to thwart competition and build a customer base that will sing your praises from the rooftops. When crafted properly, your brand will shape how your business is run, guide decisions that will determine your future and engage your customers and employees to become your best brand ambassadors.

A la carte products:

Brand Promise                              Brand Audit
Value Proposition                         Competitive Analysis

Customer Analysis

2. “The WOW! Plan”

How to Build a WOW Brand, The BranWorks Way

We have developed a proprietary process that will help put you on the right track, keep you on that track and produce customers that stay with you for life. “The WOW Plan”  is the result of 40 years of marketing and branding for small businesses. With it, you will knock your customer’s socks off, and mold your company into a WOW Brand:

Phases Covered:

Value Proposition/Brand Promise

You’ll come out of this phase with a defined Value Proposition, Brand Promise and a clear understanding of why you are, or will be, better than your competition.

Employee Engagement

“Employee Engagement” is partly internal communications, but it goes beyond the typical staff memos and HR updates. It’s related to training, but it’s about much more than the “how” of what needs to be done.  It’s simply having a continuous process in place by which you engage your employees to understand the “who” and “why” behind your business proposition, and why it’s so critical to the company’s success.

 Customer Experience (Cx)

The most important part of your brand is your customer’s experience as they journey along their buying path with you. Ignore this phase and you cannot build a WOW brand!

Tell Your Story

In this phase, you’ll develop the story that will go to all audiences and be consistently implemented in all touchpoints. 

Live Your Brand

Everything you do must reinforce your brand story. Every touchpoint must leave the same consistent message. 

3. Customer Experience (Cx)

How to Make Your Customers Love You

You’ll know when your branding and marketing is paying off when your customers are singing your praises. When you have it all right, your touchpoints will be on your side, building loyalty and bringing your customers back. This will be more effective than any marketing campaign. It takes a complete team of leadership and brand ambassadors. Your top objective when building a new brand is to establish a strong engagement with your employees because they will be the driving force for your customer success. 

A la carte products:

Customer Journey Management                             TouchPoint Management 
Customer Experience Management                       WOW Branding
Customer Experience Analysis                                   

4. Employee Engagement

The Importance of the Employee Role

What if each and every employee could be enabled and equipped to be a powerful steward of the brand? What if—this is sad but all too common—employees actually had a chance to see the company’s advertising before the public did? All of it is possible, and that’s why internal branding presents such a big opportunity for improvement in most companies.

A la carte products:

Employee Experience                         Brand Promise Training
Customer Experience Training          Culture of WOW Training


5. Brand Story

The Crucial Step of Telling The Brand Story

The most effective campaigns are built through a collaborative effort between the creative team and the channel planners. It’s critical to work in conjunction with all these folks to decide what the size and length should be; whether to include radio, print, TV, mobile or the online components of SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing and email; balancing frequency and impact with an eye to the budget and a profitable ROI.

A la carte products:

Brand Plan                                                     “WOW Plan”
Brand Identity                                                Brand Messaging
Marketing Management                               Pain Point Solutions

6. How to Live Your Brand

It’s not About Wearing Jeans to Work

Your own brand isn’t necessarily what you want it to be; instead, it’s the sum of all the ways your customers experience your company. At the most basic level, your brand isn’t the work you do, but it is how you do it. If you’re putting out limp pastry, that’s your brand: soggy pie.

The brand becomes the anchor identifying what you are promising to be with people. The design of your office, retail space or reception area says something about your brand, as does your voicemail announcement and the way you answer the phone. The way you and your employees dress makes a brand statement; the music you play and sometimes even the scent can contribute to branding.

But the most important part of your branding doesn’t come from the design or your office, your fleet or your business card. It comes from the way you and your staff treat customers. And let’s not forget that your brand is different in each prospect’s mind. The bottom line: Your branding succeeds when what you actually do matches with the promise you’re making to your customers. Therefor, we must keep it as consistent as possible.

7. Consulting/Coaching 

As-needed Guidance to Right the Ship

Business ebbs and flows and the company’s brand fluctuates with it. Pain is part of the process. As those issues develop, consulting or coaching can work wonders for getting the focus back and righting the ship. Consulting/coaching will both be utilized, depending on the results that are needed and the internal capabilities available.
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8. Custom Solutions

A la carte Solutions for Special Challenges

Often business challenges can be mitigated with coaching. But, the solution may require a special project, or quick win, to address the specific issues and to insure the stability and future growth of the business. These are standalone initiatives that can quickly provide significant insights and value to any organization interested in getting closer to its customers. The following articles highlight special challenges that can arise and be solved with branding/marketing solutions (Click for solutions):


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