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Our goal is to help businesses knock their customer’s socks off and change their market’s landscape forever. We have the following variety of working arrangements available, but we can modify these to accommodate your needs.

Outsourced marketing engagements are often handled with a combination of on-site and remote activity. Gordon will personally handle many marketing tasks that would normally require the engagement of external specialists, thus avoiding many of those expenses.

When projects do require external resources, BranWorks can offer a network of trusted award-winning sub-contractor relationships built over a 40 year history (e.g., for web design, photography, graphic design), or can work with resources where a client has already developed a relationship.

We’ll be happy to meet with you to determine the best solution for getting it off of your plate, so you can focus on your fun stuff.

1. Brand Development

Brand building is a strategic undertaking. It takes research and intuition, all with the ultimate goal of growing your company and positioning it to thwart competition and build a customer base that will sing your praises to the rooftops.  When crafted properly, your brand will shape how your business is run, guide decisions that will determine your future and engage your customers and employees to become your best brand ambassadors.


In-depth Research
Brand Promise
Value Proposition

Customer Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Storytelling Strategy
Persona/Brand Voice
“The BranWorks Way”
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2. Customer Experience

 You’ll know when your branding and marketing is paying off when your customers are singing your praises. When you have it all right, your touchpoints will be on your side, building loyalty and bringing your customers back. This will be more effective than any marketing campaign. It takes a complete team of leadership and brand ambassadors. 

We look at the full customer journey and all of the touchpoints along the way to insure a consistent brand message is presented at every opportunity.


Customer Journey Assessment
TouchPoint Analysis

Customer Experience Planning
Customer Experience Management
WOW Moments

3. Employee Engagement

A strong brand will engage your employees like nothing else. And without it, the customer experience cannot succeed. One of our top objectives when building a new brand is to establish a strong engagement with employees because they will be the driving force for your customer success. The brand often gets stuck in the corporate suite and fails to reach the real ambassadors who make it all work. Our objective is to see that the heart of the brand program is fulfilled to insure the culture you require.Services

Live The Brand
Teach The Brand
Brand Culture
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4. Storytelling

We are all exposed to thousands of promotional messages every day and to cut through all of that clutter, your message must get attention and be presented with impact and drama. You have to deliver with Dramatic Moments. 

But, the BranWorks approach is to give them a reason to buy based on your tiebreaker, or Value Proposition, and knock their socks off in the process. We assemble a proven team of problem-solvers, advertising and marketing strategists and creative professionals, or work with other agencies and designers, even yours, to get the best Dramatic Moments possible.

We work in conjunction with this proven team to decide what the size and length should be; whether to include radio, outdoor, TV, mobile or the online components of PPC, social media, content marketing and email; balancing frequency and impact with an eye to the budget and a profitable ROI. That’s how WOW! brands are made and how results are achieved.


Concept Development
Brand Plan

Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing


5. Marketing/Brand Management

Branding and marketing  doesn’t stop with the development of a new brand identity. All components of the brand/marketing plan must be implemented and monitored on a consistent basis, with analytics performed along the way to insure consistency and growth. A complete marketing/branding management program could even include time spent on your premises on a regular basis. This can be monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or even daily and can be structured to fit your schedule. (We’re easy to get along with.) .

For clients who are overwhelmed by the marketing responsibility, or simply don’t want to deal with the marketing piece, you can start by outsourcing the direction of limited projects and add other needs as they arise. And as you grow, we can create a special plan to cover your marketing and branding needs as they develop. We’re here to help you be successful.


6. Your Own Marketing Department

Not enough hours in the day to coordinate with your graphic artist, run up to OfficeMax to print some overpriced flyers, call your webmaster to change the spelling of your new employee’s name, track down your sign guy to get your banner for the event this weekend, return the call from your promotional products vendor, who left you a message 2 days ago about the pens you ordered, then spend hours working with the Google, newspaper, magazine, Facebook, Twitter, TV and website advertising reps about your ads and budget?

BranWorks takes all of this off your plate, so you have one place to call and one person to meet with. For example, If you have an advertising sales person harassing you to buy an ad … just tell them “Call My Marketing Department” (BranWorks), and give them our number.

Best of all, your business makes more money when you outsource.  Your costs are less than hiring in-house and the results will be far superior.
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7. Branding, “The BranWorks Way”

Our process is a very personal one. We are strong believers in getting down in the trenches and learning everything there is to know about our clients.  This is how we uncover all the details and solve problems that make your company what you want it to be.  As the result, for businesses who need marketing and branding direction for their company, we have developed a process that could get you on the right track, keep you on that track and produce customers that stay with you for life. This four-step plan, “The BranWorks Way”,  is the result of 40 years of marketing and branding for small businesses. It could knock your customer’s socks off, and help you become an exceptional company: 

  Value Proposition

We’ll come out of this phase with a defined Value Proposition, brand promise and a clear understanding of why you are, or will be, better than your competition.

 Customer Experience

The most important part of your brand is the customer’s experience as they journey along their buying path with you. 

 Tell Your Story

In this phase, we develop the story that will go to all audiences and be consistently implemented in all touchpoints. 

 Live Your Brand

Everything you do must reinforce your brand story. Every touchpoint must leave the same consistent message. 

8. Consulting/Coaching

Business ebbs and flows and the company’s brand fluctuates with it. Problems are part of the process. As those issues develop, consulting or coaching can work wonders for getting the focus back and righting the ship. Consulting/coaching is available on an as-needed basis.
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9. Project Solutions
(We Have Solutions)

Often business challenges can be mitigated with coaching. But, the solution may require a special project to address the specific issues and to insure the stability and future growth of the business. Here are a few examples of challenges that arise and can be solved with branding/marketing solutions (Click for solutions):


Click here for an in-depth assessment of how our services may lighten the load for you.

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