Case Studies

Orleans Homebuilders

This Richmond homebuilder had been recently purchased by a larger, out-of-state builder and needed to establish recognition for its name change and its upgraded product line.  Our objective at BrandWorks was to re-brand the company as a luxury homebuilder.  During this transition, Orleans (and BrandWorks) won the prestigious Marketing Excellence Award from The Home Building Association of Richmond every year from 2000 to 2006, and now, Orleans is the second largest homebuilder in the Richmond market, up from number six.


Edgewater had been a tough sell. While some of the lots were on the Swift Creek Reservoir, most weren’t. Research, however, showed that all of the buyers were attracted by the proximity to the lake.  With this new insight, the branding was changed to reflect the advantages the lake offered.  As a result, Edgewater went on to have the best sales season since its inception.

Walton Lake

Sales for Walton Lake had been slow during the early stages of its development.  We came into the picture and re-branded Walton Lake as a premier family community.  The result was a complete sell-out in record time.

Investors Savings Bank

This small savings and loan was in its infancy when we were brought in to help the company grow.  By positioning the institution as a better alternative to the big banks, Investors grew to become the second largest savings institution in Virginia, with over 50 branches throughout the state.  Investors reached over $1 Billion in assets in the least amount of time of any financial institution in Virginia.

Munck Automation Technology

Munck, started by two entrepreneurs from Norway, enlisted our expertise during its inception over 25 years ago.  Through the years, it grew and expanded its product line.  In the process, it gained an industry-leading reputation as being the best system-oriented storage/retrieval system manufacturer in the World.  Twenty years later, it was purchased by a very large equipment manufacturer in Switzerland and continues as a major market force today.

Fidelity Savings Bank

As the savings and loan crisis was reaching its peak, Fidelity Federal was formed as a fresh alternative to the industry scandal.  BrandWorks was brought in to position the bank accordingly.  In the following ten years, the bank became one of the market’s largest and most respected community banks.  This resulted in its successful sale to BB&T.

Pine Factory Furniture

The Pine Factory was a small local crate furniture manufacturer that had visions of growing substantially.  In our three-year relationship, this company grew to own and operate over 60 retail outlets throughout the eastern half of the United States and was a strong third place rival for This End Up and Cargo.


Cooperative Savings Bank

This small community savings bank had just experienced a large reorganization with all new senior management.  They chose BrandWorks to re-brand this bank in the Lynchburg, Virginia market and to extend this new brand into the Danville market, where Cooperative had just purchased another local bank.  In three years, this bank was the “talk of the town” and was purchased by a large bank from Tennessee for a very lucrative sum.

Realty Ventures Group

Realty Ventures Group called us in to help a sagging condo conversion project.  The project went on to sell out quickly and led to the marketing of 12 other condominium conversion projects, three new construction condominium developments, and 11 new home communities, located throughout the Southeast.

Coyne & Delany

After 100 years of operation, this flush valve manufacturer suddenly moved to Virginia to avoid labor issues in New York.  From a dilapidated warehouse in Charlottesville, Virginia, they set up operations overnight and were quickly back in business.  We were hired to reposition the line, and in our five-year relationship, Coyne & Delaney became a viable competitor for the second largest position in the market and won.



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