Selecting the Right Coach or Consultant?

How to Choose a Marketing/Branding Coach or Consultant for Your Business


So you think you may be able to grow faster if you have the right coach or consultant. There are many to choose from and their specialties are quite varied. Here are several tips to help you narrow your search and be sure you’re talking to the right people:

1. Knowledge

Business coaching and consulting are learned skills, and it takes a lot of time and education to master them. Coaching and consulting are not regulated industries so anyone can call themselves a coach or consultant regardless of whether you have any training or not. By choosing someone who has the educational background and years of experience in the industry you will have more assurance that they have the skill and knowledge. Remember, you want to be able to learn from them.

2. Coach And Business Owner

So how long have they been a coach or consultant and how long have they been a business owner? How many clients and how many industries? Broad experience can assure you they can handle unique situations that may arise.

3. Know Your Size Before You Select a Coach

Many coaches specialize. They may only work with companies with 100+ employees, while some might only work with solopreneurs and startups. Be sure you know the size of clients your coach is accustomed to working with.

4. Business Skills As Well As Coaching Skills

Coaching is about getting unstuck and living up to potential; consulting is about coming up with the right solution to solve problems. You’ll be looking for help with strategy and planning, as well as good time management. A coach with expertise in many areas will be more helpful to you. This is why you’ll need help from someone with coaching and consulting skill sets.

5. Always Learning

Does your new coach or consultant continually learn the latest marketing, branding and business skills as well?

6. Free Consultation

Look for a free consultation so that you have the opportunity to get to know each other and determine if there appears to be a good fit.

7. Good Fit

So after that first consultation, do you feel like you have a good fit? Do you feel good afterwards, or were you left with negative thoughts running through your mind. If you’re the upbeat type, is the coach an introvert? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe he keeps you in line. Did you enjoy the coach’s company?

8. Who’s Your Contact?

Will you work directly with the coach you met with, or is there a team to deal with. If others are involved, the fit that you felt might no longer be present and you may have to get reacquainted each time.

9. Probing Thoughts

Does the coach ask a lot of questions prompting you to have the light bulb go off in your head regularly? After all, part of his job is to help you understand yourself and your capabilities and to prevent your from sabotaging your own success.

10. Challenging

Does your coach challenge you to be accountable and to do what you need to be doing? Or does he let you get away with stuff just to be a nice guy?

11. Available

Is your coach available when and where you need him/her? Some coaches have specific hours that they are available for coaching. Are they available at other times through email?

12. Costs

Did the coach discuss his fee schedule right up front with you? Do you know exactly what you get for what you pay?


Choose the right coach or consultant and you’ll experience a productive and rewarding relationship and you’ll be set free to do what you do best-run your business.


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