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The Success of Your Brand Depends on Your Customer

Experience, Year Round

Target LogoWhy is it that when you go into a Target store to pick up an item, you just can’t leave the store. There’s always something else you want to look for. And, at this time of year, that might be Santa himself! But, when you go to a Kmart, you can’t wait to get out of there?Kmart Blue light-1

It’s because of your experience at each store. All of the touchpoints in Target combine to make your shopping experience an enjoyable one and one that you’ll look forward to repeating. In Kmart, on the other hand, nothing that happens to you is any fun and when you hastily leave, you breathe a sigh of relief.

Here are the facts:

1. The most important assets for most companies are the Brand and Customer Relationships.

2. The Customer Experience is the most important part for success for all companies.
(These have been proven in research)

So what does that mean for your business? It means that if you treat your customers right and WOW them, here’s what you’ll get:
1. Customers that are less likely to switch
2. Customers that are more loyal
3. Customers that are more profitable
4. Customers that are long-term advocates for your business
5. Overall success for your company

And how do you accomplish this?

It’s a two-step process:

1. Provide the ultimate in basic customer experiences, such as:

  • Unexpected freebies
  • Small gestures (Magic Moments) – leave them wanting more
  • Be super responsive
  • Be the product knowledge expert 
  • Warm & fun atmosphere
  • Get personal
  • Look for opportunities to WOW
  • Go above and beyond


. Selectively add WOW to the touchpoints: For example:

  • Add humor to your “On Hold” phone message
  • Sing your elevator speech
  • Unique promotional item (no pens please)
  • Have a game machine for kids
  • Send cookies to your client
  • Zappos-like customer service
  • Zebra print Hotel robes
  • Free umbrellas when raining with honor returns
  • Unannounced complimentary coffee to go

    How NOT to WOW Your Customers!

Our goal at BranWorks

We want to help you be the best brand in your category. In our opinion, you can do that by building a Killer brand. But, to accomplish that Killer brand, you need to provide the ultimate buying experience for your customer so that she will have  no other option but to buy from you, because no one else can, or will measure up.

So, ask us for an assessment of your brand. Maybe a few WOWs could kick your brand into a new Killer position in your category!

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