WOW Your Customer’s Socks Off!

10 Steps To Build a WOW! Brand.

There’s a lot more to your brand than a logo and tagline. The brand of your company is made up of virtually everything that your business does and every experience your customer has with your company. This all determines whether they become a loyal customer or they walk away, never to be seen again. Here are some things to think about in your quest to position your business at the top of the ladder in your niche.

1. Exactly Why You’re in Business?

Being a “Jack Of All Trades” is NOT your objective. On the contrary, you want to specialize. Being a specialist is the easiest way to stand out in the marketplace. Become the expert at what you do and do it better than anyone else. That’s how you become known as the number one source, and a potential Category of One company.

2. Clearly Define Your Brand Promise

Your brand promise is the most powerful statement you can make to your customers. It tells them what they can expect from you every time they do business with you. It’s a real promise that you can prove every day.  Plus it shows customers how you can make their problems go away. This statement is all about how you make their lives better, and why they can’t get the same satisfaction anywhere else.

Here are some brand promises that you may be familiar with:

  • McDonald’s: fast food with a consistent taste and service, regardless of whether you are in Richmond or Rio.
  • Starbucks: good coffee in an inviting atmosphere — your home away from home
  • CarMax: You’ll never have to “haggle” for a car
  • you pick the shoe; it’ll be there before you know it.

Everything you do to market your small business, or interface with your customer should reflect your brand promise. It all adds up, the phone conversations, the manner in which the phone is answered, the look of company vehicles, your ads, company uniforms, even the color of your hair. 

3. Describe Your Target Customer

"What's Branding and Should Small Business Care?"You can’t serve everyone. If you are a guitar shop, you serve certain musicians. Day cares serve families. Tennis clubs serve tennis players. So you need to know who your customer is in order to properly provide what they need. 

4. Be Authentic And Honest About Who You Are

When your brand speaks, it must tell it like it is. No inconsistency or confusion in the marketplace. If you’ve defined your market properly, that shouldn’t pose any problems. In other words, don’t be hip and casual if you are in the funeral business.

5. Clearly Define Your Value Proposition

Your Value Proposition is the statement that explains why you’re better than your competition, and why. If you’re going to know what you do best and how that stacks up against your competition, you need to know your competition, and know them well. You’ll need to know how to pump up your strong points and play down your weaknesses. Or, to make adjustments so that those weaknesses are no longer weaknesses, and perhaps become strengths. 

6. Be Consistent And Build Your Story Into Everything You Do.

owners-6 Every piece of communication or sales materials should look like it all came from the same source. Tell your story, reuse your primary selling points and specifically your Value Proposition everywhere. And knock their socks off.

7. Talk With Your Customers Regularly

You should have an ongoing dialog with your customers all the time. It may be when they come in the store, a phone call or an email. But that interaction continues even when they’re not doing business with you. 

8. Give Customers a Great Consistent  WOW! Experience at Every TouchPoint

It’s the Internet age and that makes it easier to reach our customers, but also harder in many ways. Even thought they are only a click away, you may never see them face-to-face. To compensate for that you need to make customer service the center of everything you do, and become known as the brand that is always there for the customer and provides the WOW! experience. As an example, there’s a tire dealer on the west coast who “runs” to the car when you pull onto his lot. That’s how bad he wants your business. 

It may seem like a lot of extra work, but the end result is all worth it. Did you know there was a “Word of Mouth Association”? Me neither, but they claim that 55% of consumers recommend companies because of great customer service.

9. It Pays Off In The End-Big Time!

When you get started, this will seem like a lot of work. But you’re building your brand, and once you get it all rolling, it will become a lot easier and more routine. There are expert brand consultants and coaches that can make this exercise much easier. It’s important to stay on top of these branding initiatives to be sure that your efforts are consistent and steadily improving your brand. The salvation is going to be what you see on the bottom line in the months and years to come.

10. Our Goal at BranWorks

We want to help you be the best brand in your category, or maybe start your own category. In our opinion, you can do that by building a WOW! brand. But, to accomplish that WOW! brand, you need to provide the ultimate buying experience for your customer so that she will have  no other option but to buy from you, because no one else can, or will measure up.

So, ask us for an assessment of your brand and the challenges that our solutions may solve. Maybe a few WOWs could kick your brand into a new Killer position in your category, or catapult you into a completely new category with no competition!


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What makes you better than the next guy? Depending on your unique situation, we have several approaches and solutions for answering that question and then telling your story to the world. Our purpose is to help small local businesses solve problems, knock their customer’s socks off and change their market’s landscape forever. Check out our many options to help you pull it off.

Click here to find 34 ways to WOW your customers.

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