Live Your Brand

It’s not About Wearing Jeans to Work

Your own brand isn’t necessarily what you want it to be; instead, it’s the sum of all the ways your customers experience your company. At the most basic level, your brand isn’t the work you do, but it is how you do it. If you’re putting out limp pastry, that’s your brand: soggy pie.

The brand becomes the anchor identifying what you are promising to be with people. The design of your office, retail space or reception area says something about your brand, as does your voicemail announcement and the way you answer the phone. The way you and your employees dress makes a brand statement; the music you play and sometimes even the scent can contribute to branding.

But the most important part of your branding doesn’t come from the design or your office, your fleet or your business card. It comes from the way you and your staff treat customers. And let’s not forget that your brand is different in each prospect’s mind. The bottom line: Your branding succeeds when what you actually do matches with the promise you’re making to your customers. Therefor, we must keep it as consistent as possible.

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