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Master Planned Communities.
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The term “master planned community” is a relatively new term, coined to describe a housing development, centered on a community that encompasses everything a resident would need to live a happy life. Master planned communities are so much more than neighborhoods. They are conceptualized, designed and built with future homeowners in mind, adding amenities that the homebuyers will actually want and removing those things that homebuyers don’t want or need. Master planned communities are built for both traditional homes, as well as 55-Plus homes.
If you are deciding between a regular neighborhood and a master planned community for your new home, take time to consider the benefits that come with a master planned community.
Designed with You in Mind
Firstly, take a look at the name: Master Planned Community. The name alone explains that these communities are not simply thrown together; in fact, they are the complete opposite. Countless amounts of time goes into the conceptualizing, planning, designing and developing of a community, ensuring that every single inch is perfect.


Living in a master planned community provides both traditional and 55-Plus residents with endless activities, amenities and benefits to take advantage of such as:
· Community pools
· Resident clubhouses
· The community lifestyle
· Friendly neighbors
· Safety and security
· Fitness centers
· Clubs and organizations
· Walking paths
· Golf courses
· Tennis courts

Sense of Community

Those who choose to live in a master planned community will reap the benefits of the multitude of amenities and perks their master planned community has to offer. By far, one of the most popular reasons families and couples, both traditional and 55-Plus, choose to move to master planned communities is the sense of community they will undoubtedly become a part of. When it comes to master planned communities, you can be sure that you and your neighbors will go through the same type of thought process in order to conclude that this type of community is the right choice. That means that your future neighbors will also be looking for a sense of community, making those first few weeks after your move a much easier transition.

Enjoy Where You Live

Barbeques with your neighbors, weekends at the community pool(s), and sleepovers for the kids in traditional communities are just a few of the types of benefits we are talking about. When you think “community”, you envision waving to your neighbors every time you see them, comfortably borrowing a cup of flour from them when you run out, and happily lending them a few eggs when they run out. These are the things homebuyers imagine, but the reality is that not all neighborhoods lend to this type of behavior. However, in master planned communities where the homeowners are the focus of the entire community design and development, these types of things actually happen! This is why more and more homebuyers are choosing master planned communities over the typical neighborhood. You’ve probably heard it once, and you’ll definitely hear it again: location is everything. Location meaning the city your home is in, as well as the community. You can repaint your home or change the flooring, but you can’t pick up the house and move it to a new neighborhood. Keep this in mind during your home search as it is some of the best advice we can give!

No matter what you are looking for in a home and community, a traditional or 55-Plus master planned community will not disappoint. Once you choose a master planned community, you’ll start to wonder how you ever once lived in a regular neighborhood.

Real Estate Samples:

3 Leaf-Manahattan Beach-Sand Section-Revised-12-04-14

3 Leaf-Manahattan Beach-Manhattan Village-11-28-14

3 Leaf-Manahattan Beach-Hill Section-11-27-14

3 Leaf-Manahattan Beach-Heights-Mira Costa Section-11-29-14

3 Leaf-Manahattan Beach-Heights-Liberty Village-11-29-14

3 Leaf-Manahattan Beach-Tree Section-11-26-14

3 Leaf-Manahattan Beach-Heights-Mira Costa Section-11-29-14

3 Leaf-Manahattan Beach-East manhattan-11-30-14

3 Leaf-Manahattan Beach-11-23-14

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