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Our process is a very personal one. We are strong believers in getting down in the trenches and learning everything there is to know about our clients. This is how we do a great job for you. This is how we uncover all the details and solve problems that make your company what it is. And this is what is necessary to make your story as effective as it can possibly be, and how we can help you become an exceptional company.


Brand Promise

The discovery process starts with a lot of face-to-face time with the CEO, management and key representatives from each department within the organization. We’ll analyse your competition, your customers, your employees, your current brand and your desired brand. We will also talk and listen to all of these audiences. We’ll come out of this phase with a defined brand promise and a clear understanding of why you are, or will be, better than your competition.


Customer Experience

customers-3The most important part of your brand is the customer’s experience as they journey along their buying path. They must be WOWed at every touchpoint along their journey so that they cannot or will not have a better option than to buy consistently from you and refer you to all their friends and family. 

Tell Your Story

In this phase, we develop the story that will go to all audiences andChalkboard-2 be consistently implemented in all touchpoints. It is important that this story be dramatic and hard-hitting to break through the clutter. You must hit your audience right between the eyes.


Live Your Brand

Everything you do must reinforce your brand story. Every touchpoint must leave the same message. You must be WOWing the customer at each step to insure that her journey with you is better than any other. This should be monitored through a good Brand Management plan. Keep your eye on what’s working and how you can adjust on the fly. Read about all of the touchpoints available on our TouchPoint Branding page.


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Brand Promise
Customer Experience
Tell Your Story
Live Your Brand

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