The “WOW Plan” To Create WOW Companies

First of all, our process is a very personal one. We are strong believers in getting down in the trenches and learning everything there is to know about our clients.  This is how we uncover all the details and offer solutions that make your company what you want it to be-a WOW company.  As the result, we have developed the following proprietary process that could help get you on the right track, keep you on that track and produce customers that stay with you for life. This five-step plan, “The WOW Plan”  is the result of 40 years of marketing and branding for businesses and has been molded to build strong relationships with customers for life. You need to make your customers ecstatic about doing business with you. And to make that happen, you need to treat your staff like gold because they’re the ones that will make it all work. This is the key to your whole business! Your employees (your key ambassadors) could knock your customer’s socks off, and help you become the exceptional WOW company that you desire:

If “The WOW Plan” sounds like the right approach for your business, we’ll guide you through a Discovery session to establish what resources you already have at your disposal and to define what your needs and goals are; what you need to achieve and by when. 

Based on the level of activity required and your budget, we’ll help develop the plan and cost accordingly. And remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. A little bit of improvement in your marketing and sales conversions can go along way. We’ll grow with you.


We’ll help analyse your competition (for better or worse), your current and target customers, your employees, your current brand analysis and your desired brand and Mission.  You’ll come out of this phase with a defined Value PropositionBrand Promise and a clear understanding of why you are, or will be, better than your competition.

2.Customer Experience

The most critical part of your brand is the customer’s experience as they journey along their buying path with you. They must be WOWed at every touchpoint along their journey so that they cannot, or will not, have a better option than to buy consistently from you and refer you to all their friends and family.

3.Brand Story

In this phase, you’ll start with your logo and tagline. Your Brand Plan will follow, with the story that will go to all audiences and be consistently implemented in all touchpoints. It is important that your brand message be dramatic and hard-hitting to break through the clutter. You must consistently hit your audience right between the eyes so that they understand why your product is important to them.

4.Employee Engagement

“Employee Engagement” may not be a term with which you’re familiar. It’s partly internal communications, but it goes beyond the typical staff memos and HR updates. It’s related to training, but it’s about much more than the “how” of what needs to be done.  It’s important to have a continuous process in place by which you engage your employees to understand the “who” and “why” behind your business proposition, and why it’s so critical to the company’s success. The result is a complete staff of your best “brand advocates”, consistently hired for optimum culture fit.

5.Live Your Brand

Everything you do must reinforce your brand story. Every touchpoint must leave the same consistent message. You must be WOWing the customer at each step to insure that her journey with you is better than any other. Read about all of the touchpoints available on our “TouchPoint Branding” page and “Want Happy Customers” page.


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