WOW Plan Workshop

The WOW Plan 

We have developed the “The WOW Plan” proprietary process that could help get you on the right track, keep you on that track and produce customers that stay with you for life. This four-step plan, “The WOW Plan”  is the result of 40 years of marketing and branding for businesses and has been molded to build strong relationships with customers for life. You need to make your customers ecstatic about doing business with you. And to make that happen, you need to treat your staff like gold because they’re the ones that will make it all work. This is the key to your whole business! Your employees (your key ambassadors) could knock your customer’s socks off, and help you become the exceptional WOW company that you desire.

WOW Plan Workshop

In our introductory WOW Plan Workshop, we’ll guide you through our internal discovery session to establish what resources you already have at your disposal and to define what your needs and goals are; what you need to achieve and by when. Secondly, we’ll talk about the importance of the customer in the branding process and about ways to involve her in our plan. To solidify the involvement of your staff, we’ll discuss the engagement of your staff and how they can become the integral cog in establishing the ultimate WOW customer experience. And finally, we’ll tie it all together with directions for a complete brand plan and messaging story that will set you apart from all of the competition and make your customers come back again, and again, and again.

The WOW Plan Workshop is conducted as a snapshot of the full service WOW Plan available for limited BranWorks clients. As we work through the plan outline, we’ll touch on all of the many steps in developing a complete WOW brand. Many of these components are available as stand alone projects for companies who only need isolated assistance. Workshops are designed for senior management only and limited to 3-5 key managers.

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