The “WOW!” Plan

How to Build a WOW Brand, The BranWorks Way

We have developed a proprietary process that will help put you on the right track, keep you on that track and produce customers that stay with you for life. “The WOW Plan”  is the result of 40 years of marketing and branding for small businesses. With it, you will knock your customer’s socks off, and mold your company into a WOW Brand:

Phases Covered:

Value Proposition/Brand Promise

You’ll come out of this phase with a defined Value Proposition, Brand Promise and a clear understanding of why you are, or will be, better than your competition.

Employee Engagement

“Employee Engagement” is partly internal communications, but it goes beyond the typical staff memos and HR updates. It’s related to training, but it’s about much more than the “how” of what needs to be done.  It’s simply having a continuous process in place by which you engage your employees to understand the “who” and “why” behind your business proposition, and why it’s so critical to the company’s success.

 Customer Experience (Cx)

The most important part of your brand is your customer’s experience as they journey along their buying path with you. Ignore this phase and you cannot build a WOW brand!

Tell Your Story

In this phase, you’ll develop the story that will go to all audiences and be consistently implemented in all touchpoints. 

Live Your Brand

Everything you do must reinforce your brand story. Every touchpoint must leave the same consistent message.

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