What Is A WOW! Brand?

WOW! Brands Deliver

A true WOW! brand  is one of the few organizations that really does do what it’s brand promise says it will do and do so by offering the ultimate in customer experience. It doesn’t simply advertise and promise great experiences, it also puts it’s actions where it’s mouth is and delivers.

To produce the kind of WOW! experiences that customers expect, WOW! brands put this initiative at the top of their list of long term goals. They focus on making every touchpoint with their customers a highlight in the customer’s journey. These WOW companies do whatever it takes to live up to their promises and do whatever the customer expects.  They structure their entire organization, (from R&D to Operations to Finance) to build long-term relationships that form the basis for future growth. These WOW! Brands realize that to keep their customers for the long haul, they have to do more than make promises, they have to deliver.

Companies that fail to meet the WOW! criteria are often referred to in the industry as NOW brands. With NOW brands it’s all about short term goals. They’re quick to make grandios promises, but they never deliver on those promises. They rush to over-promise without establishing the infrastructure to deliver on those promises. These are the brands that will make a quick color or design fix to solve what may be considered a problem. And they expect quick results because they are, after all, “quick” fixes. Management expects immediate results because that’s the mindset of many in today’s management ranks. Their objective is to avoid the investment in truly unique customer experience and the asking price that accompanies it.

So, why do most companies fail to meet their promises and deliver true customer experiences? Why do they become a NOW brand rather than a WOW! Brand? Typically, these NOW brands simply don’t know how to deliver the kind of WOW! experience across all of it’s customers touchpoints. Companies routinely fail to operationalize their brand promises – leading them to deliver experiences that do not fully meet the expectations created by their brand promise.

Many marketers simply don’t know how to fulfill the promises that are made in their brand promise and in their marketing campaigns. They’re great at making big promises, but when it comes to living up to those promises, they choose to leave that to others. So, what’s the solution? Lower prices, leading to becoming a commodity. Why? Because the wrong individuals were chosen to meet these objectives, without focusing on promise fulfillment.

Here’s How to create a WOW! Brand:

• Understand the brand and its impact on the customer
• Recognize their mission and role in living up to the brand promise
• Align and motivate their employees to execute the brand promise
• Empower their employees with the tools, information and authority to fulfill the brand promise.

Creators of NOW brands, who are unable to live up to their brand promises, should never be the ones to make their promises to begin with. When you have disappointed customers, you have consequences. And in most cases, most of those consequences are painfully financial.

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