“WOW Me!”

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Your Company Could be a Category of One Company.

No one cares if your product or service is “good.” Every competitor in your industry has “good products.” But why would anyone want to do business with you? Is your product/service better than your competitor’s? How? If not, how could it be better? Is your competitor better than you? How can you match, or beat him? Customers see your company as a commodity business. That means that you have to be better at everything, plus offer something that your competitors can’t, or won’t. Does it have to be price, or can it be something else? If you can’t answer that question with a clear definitive reason (your tiebreaker), you have some work to do. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you.

You need to analyze the positioning of your competitors (and the experience of their customers) so you can differentiate yourself. Your competition is anybody that does something your customer likes, regardless of the industry. Examples would be; returning phone calls within the hour, instead of 24 hours, knowing the customer’s name, and calling customers to help, rather than to sell them something. Once you have that Value Proposition clearly defined, it’s time to deliver on your brand promise and launch an all-out attack. The goal is to set yourself apart and give your customers and prospects a clear reason to select you above everyone else. You just might wind up in Category of One.  

Our Goal at BranWorks

We want to help you be the best brand in your category, or maybe even start your own category. You can do that by building a WOW brand. But, to accomplish that you need to provide the ultimate buying experience for your customer. Be sure that she has no other option but to buy from you, because no one else can, or will measure up.

Gordon Conner-The Founder

Gordon Conner, Founder-39 year agency veteran

Branding ain’t rocket science. But, there’s a lot involved in building a company brand. Everything you do influences your brand so you have to consider it all in order to get it right. Because of that, you’ll find a lot of content on this website. There are articles on virtually every part of the branding process, including a breakdown of the complete journey here. We’ll help you dissect that journey to determine which touchpoints have the most impact. And we’ll find out where you have the biggest opportunities to engage your customers, add some WOW! to the process and maybe even have some fun. We hope you can learn from all of our content. If you pick up a tip that will work perfectly at your company, use it! I’ve been doing this for 39 years. If we can add something that will help, we’re happy to do so. If you have a quick question, shoot us an email at

So, ask for an assessment of your brand and the challenges you face. Maybe a few WOW Moments is all you need to kick your brand into a new Killer position in your category, or catapult you into a completely new category, with no competition!

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