Your New Logo is NOT a Rebrand!

There’s a Lot More to it Than That

It seems that about once a week I read about some company that has developed a new logo that is supposed to be more representative of their company’s mission and goals. And this is their new rebranded company?

What? What about the rest of the company? What has changed in the company, how have the customers changed, how are you meeting new desires, how are you telling that story, how is this a better alternative to what your competition is doing and just how does all of this make any sense to the customer. Yikes!

Businesses rebrand to get their look right all the time. And that’s cool. But to rebrand you have to add strategy to that new look. You need things like market, message, promise, values and tons more. It’s this mix that will get the message out, attract customers and make your own life much more rewarding. If you’re going to do it right, here are some questions you need to ask before you make the leap:

Who are your customers and prospects and what do they expect?

How does your audience think and behave? This could give you a whole new perspective on your brand. This could affect your message, your website and how you interact with your customers.

What are your core values?

If you can line up your business with your own core values, you could be much more passionate about your brand. It’s really simple. By doing what you love and believe in really pays off with your customers and clients.

What are your goals and how will you accomplish them?

A solid brand strategy built around your value proposition will provide the direction to drive your brand. This will provide clarity when you guide your employees, the creative folks and the marketing team and will result in consistent and clear execution.

Have you factored in consistency?

Customers want consistency. From your website to the way they are handled by your team, they want a consistent brand experience. Is every aspect of your business providing that WOW experience? Don’t give your customers an excuse to go anywhere else.

Are you an authority in your field?

After you’ve been through all of the steps and you think you’re done, keep going. Keep looking for ways to build your brand and just get better and better. The small things make all the difference, from special promotions to community events. Keep at it and continue to make your brand better than any of your competitors. And don’t think you can accomplish all of this with just a new logo. Your business, your customers and your brand deserve more than that. They deserve the whole story.

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